The Clean Team in Action
 team01 team02 
Jack-hammering existing pool surface Conway Concrete Pumping 0412 123 890
team03 team04
 Pebble troweled inside a new pool Acrylic Render to Harditex (Blue Board)
team05 team06
 Pebble troweled around a pool  "Pumper" Rohan
team07  team08
 Pool pebble applied via spray machine  Pool Cutting/Shaping
 team09  team10
 Concrete shot crete / spraying by Conway Concrete Pumping   Pool excavation and prep
 team15  team14
 Cement Render application   Spraying render onto new house
IMG 20150507 122748005 449x800 449x800  IMG 20150422 094217764 800x449
   Cement Render finishing by the best team ever  Trowelling pebble for new pool interior
spray before
  Before render
spray after
  After Render applied
 IMG 20150429 074013446 800x449  IMG 20150507 122806659 HDR 449x800
Pool Steel ready for Concrete spray The team rendering
 IMG 20150507 132049285 HDR 800x449  IMG 20150629 131305202 HDR 800x449
 Render to Architechural Houses  Render onto existing painted Blockwork